Alfab Inc. was founded on February 8th, 1971, by Robert Sanford and Bruner Dicus, as a job shop - custom metal fabricating company.

Alfab continues to build on the foundation of high ethical standards, dedication to customer service and mutual respect, laid by Bob and Bruner during the companies formative years.

“An efficient and profitable operation isn’t necessarily built on brilliant new ideas or wholesale changes in past procedures. Often it is based on a logical and sensible approach to problems and the application of common sense to their solutions.”  Bruner Dicus, Baltimore Purchaser Magazine, 1959.






In 1971:

A new stock market called the Nasdaq was introduced.
Gasoline cost $0.32 per gallon.
The number 1 song was “Knock Three Times” by Tony Orlando and Dawn.
Steel cost $0.08 per pound.
Alfab, Inc. commenced operations.

52 years of experience!

52 years of commitment to quality!

52 years of fabricating a successful business!